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We're a hub of international scholars and practitioners with a common aim to share our experiences and advance careers in Politics and International Relations.

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A digital hub for students and professionals in the Politics and International Relations space, to network, share resources and articles, discover jobs, and more!

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Featured stories on International Relations careers and monthly job opportunities from around the world. Get the inside view and gain practical career advice from industry experts and peers.


From interview preparation to making recommendations about grants and applications, our 1-1 career coaching will support you on your professional journey and help you navigate career changes at any stage.

Rebecca Chen

Founder at Ilkmade

I created Ilkmade as a way for people who are passionate about International Relations and Politics to connect more meaningfully on questions regarding career development. Unlike traditional industries like business or law, ours lacks the mentorship programs that help individuals in those fields grow and thrive. No one is expected to figure it out all by themselves.

Ilkmade Sessions

An avenue to vision board, map out your career path, and ask the tough questions with someone who’s been there. We have a large, diverse community of Politics and Policy Experts who have the experience and perspective to help you grow and explore at any stage in your career.

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What our community saying

I think Ilkmade is really an amazing way to connect with other fellow political science representatives on in-depth policy issues, with educated perspectives from around the world that you really cannot get on other platforms.

Elisa H.
Paris, France

Ilkmade’s career development resources is a must read amongst academics, policy-wonks and practitioners. The sheer breadth of jobs listed by fellow Ilkmade members thus far has been impressive, and especially useful for those entering the academic as well as non-academic job market.

Jan L.
Seattle, WA, USA

Unlike other social media platforms, I know that I'll find information from credible sources that have been curated by specialists in the field.

Flor G.
Leiden, Netherlands

Finding a foothold in the competitive world of International Relations can be bewildering. Ilkmade is a platform that cuts through the fog and shows a pathway, through experts who have walked the mile.

Monish T.
Udupi, India

Ilkmade has provided me a great opportunity to discover a wide variety of resources on global politics and international development. In addition to exploring new articles, I learned about many reliable foreign media outlets from the community.

Begum B
Istanbul, Turkey

Ilkmade has enabled me to connect with other politics and policy professionals from all over the world, whose valuable views, relevant experiences, and friendly advice has helped me to better understand and stay up-to-date with the state of our professions. And, just as important, to explore new ways of advancing our careers in today's highly competitive global job market.

Iván F.P.
Gdansk, Poland

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